Receipt Hub Costings and Space

In relation to the receipt hub, how does that impact costing ? Monthly at the 256mb limit could be easily used up with say 160 receipts at 8mp. This equates to 3GB per annum. 3 years in and growing business 12GB storage. Does this them impact the transactional costing separately ? Or is the receipt hub a free add on at the moment. Storage may be cheap, but there is processing CPU on view and retrieve images.

Just trying to extrapolate where costs would end up in a few years if all receipts were booked to the hub.

Hello @abc

All accounts come with 1GB storage included. Anything about this would require additional space to be purchased, which is outlined on our pricing page.

I hope this helps?

Its good idea to compress images before upload, it reduces the size and keeps the quality for web reading. There are many online sites to compress images, i find this one very useful

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