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Receipt hub help with adding to different nominal accounts


Hi, if I upload a receipt that has several items that have to be entered into different accounts, for example - a printer to go to office equipment and some toners that are to go to office expenses. How to I split this when processing the uploaded receipt in the receipt hub?



Just create the invoice in the receipt hub and then modify the purchase invoice afterwards. There is no way to directly assign multiple lines to a purchase invoice directly from the receipt hub.


Yeh, that makes sense, thanks, its a shame when you process the receipt it doesn’t tell you the assigned invoice number so you can find it easy.


You’ve got all the other details though, supplier name, date, amount etc. Also you could put your own reference too.


It does for me, the final step after creating the purchase gives me a link to the new purchase along with the “tag next” or “main screen” options. Do you have “fast tag” mode enabled? That may well bypass this step.

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