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Hi there, I help with the accounts for my husbands login and we are very new to this program. I need some help please. My husband has created an invoice and attached a payment to it but then scanned in the receipt and created an additional invoice which is now outstanding. I would like to move the receipt from the incorrect invoice to the correct one. When I go to the receipt hub I try and search for the receipt but get an error message - from reading online I understand there should be some document management but this does not show. I have a quick search box but then get an error “Oops we couldn’t find any pending receipts.”

If you go to the paid-up invoice and scroll down to the “attached files” section there’s an option to “use existing”, which will let you search by name for the file that’s already been attached to the other invoice. Once you’ve attached it to the right invoice you should then be able to simply delete the other one.

Hi Ian, Many thanks for the advice however the option is not available for me. Under Purchases and Purchase Management there is no option for viewing the attached files. In Receipt Hub I have a green box to upload a receipt and then a quick search box which does not work. Any other ideas?

Hi @Fusion

If you view a purchase invoice (Purchases >> Show all purchases >> Select the one you wish to view), you will see an option to attach a file already uploaded at the bottom:

If you’d prefer to use the receipt hub and the file is already there, you can simply click ‘Tag me!’ and follow the process through, ensuring you untick this box:

Which will then also list any invoices that has an attachment. These are shown with the little paper icon:

Hi Both, my mistake I can see what Ian was saying but when I try and find the receipt I cannot find it. I have also tried to find the receipt in the hub but again I am unsuccessful. I have opened the receipt and here is the weblink

Image removed

Can either of you help me find it. In my receipt hub it says I have 224 records and I am showing 50 but when I click on next all I get is “Oops we couldn’t find any pending receipts.” I have just unticked the Untagged and found some more but still cannot find my receipt.

Hi @Fusion

I’ve removed the image as it contained some of your personal details.

The image appears to have been tagged to an invoice, so I would use the date of the receipt and the supplier name to find it under Purchases using an Advanced Search. That should hopefully locate the receipt it’s attached it (providing it’s logged correctly).

Hi QFSupport
Thank you I had not spotted that. This is the problem and it is attached to the wrong one and I need to move it to another one. I do not seem to be able to find it under previously used, I can see it in Document Manager but other than saving a copy to my pc, uploading again then deleting the wrong one along with the wrong purchase I do not seem to be able to resolve this. I have found whilst trying to sort his accounts today as I am trying to get ready for year end submission that he has duplicated purchases and payments all over the place. Any time saving advice would be appreciated.

Hi @Fusion

The file in question is linked to purchase invoice #QF00115.

I think the simplest way to resolve this is to delete the attached file, and re-upload it for the correct invoice. So before you delete, just make sure you have a copy :slight_smile:

Hi QFSupport

Thank you for coming back so quickly. Yes I think the best solution for me is to go through his accounts now, download any receipts that have been attached incorrectly and then upload again. Also delete any duplicate payments etc as I have just found several of these. Thank you for your support and prompt response.


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No problem! Please let us know if you need any further help.

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