Receipt Hub - image too small

Hi. The receipt hub functionality is great. However, when I have an A4 document, I can barely see it. Would it be possible to add a sizing handle/popup or something to save me squinting or having to locate an offline copy?


Hi @pickthalld

I believe there is a feature request already open for this, so you may wish to add your vote there (will update my post with a link shortly).

But there are 2 things I just wanted to mention.

The file itself is actually loaded by your browser. If it’s a PDF for example, it will show up with the browser’s default PDF viewer based on your settings, so it may be worth tweaking these a bit.

The other thing is at the top of the page is the file name:

If you click this link, it will open the file in a new tab (or window, again depending on your browser).

I can’t seem to find the feature request thread at the moment. You’re welcome to start your own if you wish, and if I come across it, I can merge them into one.

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