Receipt Hub nominals not defaulting

I’ve noticed when creating a new invoice in the Receipt Hub that the specified Nominal Code on the respective account is not pulled through and defaults to General Purchases.



I hope features is the right place for this!

When you create a new purchase in the usual way (via “purchases” and “enter new purchases”) and select a supplier, QF will populate the purchase cateogy as the default set for that supplier in the supplier settings, which is a very useful feature.

However if you create a purchase from the receipt hub the purchase catgeory is not set as per the supplier default.

Would it be possible therefore to replicate this functionality in the receipt hub for ease of use and consistency?


Yes this would make a lot of sense and I did assume that’s how it worked. Perhaps we had some regression here in the code?

I will ask for this to be looked at right away, it may take a few days before it goes in the next release.

@BanksyBoy I’ve just merged another separate post on this. It does look like a code regressions so we’ll be looking into this today.

Will update shortly.


This should now work correctly, please let me know if there are any further issues.

Yep, functioning perfectly, many thanks!


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