Receipt Hub not displaying documents


Hoping someone can help. The boss uploads receipts to ReceiptHub for tagging. In her version of Qucikfile, she can see the full document, however, in mine, it doesn’t show anything, and to view the receipt I have to download it from ReceiptHub as a pdf.
Does anyone know how I can view it within Qucikfile. Is there a setting I need to adjust? Any suggestions gratefully received. Thanks

This is up to your browser, it’s not something that QuickFile controls. Maybe try a different browser (whichever of Chrome/Firefox/Edge/Opera that you have not already tried), or see if there’s anything in your browser settings to control this behaviour. I know in my Opera there’s a setting under site settings → “additional content settings” that controls whether PDFs are opened inline or externally.

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Thanks Ian. I’ll give it a go.

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