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Receipt Hub problem

I have pdf receipts in Receipt Hub but now when I click on ‘Tag Me’ I can no longer see the PDF file but see only a blank, whichever company I try.

Hi @peterhock

The PDF preview in the receipt hub is loaded by your web browser.

What browser are you using?

I am using Firefox, which I changed to on changing to Linux Ubuntu. At first it worked perfectly well and I like Firefox as it remembers passwords and logins as standard functionality, with a database of them as well.

Hi @peterhock,

This sounds like a web browser issue, it may be that you have disabled or not enabled something. Have you checked that you are using the most up to date version of the browser?

There’s been some change somewhere regarding the PDF viewing in Firefox. Seen a few people mention this both here (on QF regarding there’s a couple of topics about downloading PDFs from the company details screens) and also seen other forums etc mention issues with viewing PDFs. Not Quickfiles fault but probably worth looking into. Not a good week for Mozilla as they updated Thunderbird and broke emails for lots of customers.

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