Receipt Hub Tagging - No Match Found

Not sure if I’m doing this correctly?
I’ve starting using the receipt hub via my iPhone very good idea, but when I try to tag a receipt to a transaction in one of the accounts on my PC, I select the uploaded receipt insert the receipt amount, but QuickFile comes back saying no matching transaction found although I know is there! And there is know where to override it.
Any idea?

I think you might be doing it wrong. It says it can’t find a matching a purchase invoice (not a sales invoice). You need to create one from the receipt hub.

Next step then is to go to your bank account and tag transactions to these purchase invoices.

Ok, these are just expenses receipt mainly from my business credit card account so I had not created a invoice? But should I have done as I’m just trying to tie up my business expenses I.e. Lunch etc

@doug_uk When checking for matches within the Receipt Hub, what the system will look for is any purchase invoices matching that amount. What it doesn’t do is look at bank/credit card transactions.

So if you you go to your dashboard and click the Purchases header it will reveal a list of all purchase invoices, if it’s not on there it won’t find a match within the Receipt Hub.

If this transactions is on a bank/credit card account, click to tag it and select the option “payment to a supplier”, enter the supplier name and complete the proceeding form. Once saved a purchase invoice will be created and you’ll be able to link that item in the Receipt Hub to it.

Hope that helps!

That’s great thanks

I’ll try it out but sound like just the ticket

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