Receipt Hub to show Untagged by default

Hi Glenn,
would it be possible for you to set the UNTAGGED filter as a default in the receipt hub? or have a setting on a per account basis?

I never understand why it seem necessary to view tagged receipts in the receipt hub, since I don’t think one would look there for a receipt, but instead search for the receipt entry first, then look at the attached scans. Indeed, the document manager has a filter for the receipt hub as well, so I’d question why the ‘tagged’ filter is required at all, but I guess someone probably uses it in their workflow…

Also, unless one attempts to tag a receipt by opening a new window, the previously selected filters reset when one goes back to the receipt hub page, meaning that we have to troll through the pages to find out where we were previously…

Anyone else have anything to say about this one?

I’m inclined to agree with you, although when we change these things we’ll always find someone who prefers it the old way :smile:

I’ve asked for this to be looked at to see if we can foresee any problems. Unless we find any problems here we will implement that as the new default and it should go live within 1-2 weeks.

Hi Glenn, I see this has been implemented, but I notice there seems to be a small bug.
I load the page to see the untagged setting as the default. My first page shows 50 of 170 records. I click ‘next’ or click page 2, and the ‘untagged’ filter is lost.
Can you check it please?

Yes we did implement this, it looks like I forgot to come back and update the thread. We’ll have a look at the paging issue today. The fix however may not go live until the next release.


Actually it turned out to be something we could fix without a redeploy. Should work as intended now.

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