Receipt tagging on enrty on mobile device

Is there a way of adding a suggested tag/account code when receipts are posted (email/dropbox) from mobile - It should be possible to add the suggested account/project in the email subject or body - we have several people posting receipts and teh person tagging them does not necessarily know which project or account code the item should be logged under.

I’m not show how that would work exactly? Receipts posted into the Receipt Hub can’t be attached to a project, you’d first need to create a full purchase invoice from the Receipt Hub then tag that invoice to the project.

Also even if you could directly tag it to a project, in the context of Dropbox you’d only have the file name to declare the project name. You can of course name files how you like and then decide what to do with it when it reaches the Receipt Hub.

I am not looking for a direct link - it is more about posting notes from the person posting the expense receipt as to what it is for so it can subsequently be allocated correctly