Receipt Tagging

Hello, I wanted to see if anyone can help me with this problem,

I’ve uploaded some receipts to be tagged, One of them is a congestion charge at £10. I’ve already uploaded and tagged so it is assinged with a purchase/expense.

It is still showing in my home page as a notifaction and I can’t delete/retag/remove it. If I delete it, it’s gone until you refresh the page or go back to the homepage.

Has anyone else had this problem, I’d like to get some feedback as the red warning sign makes my ocd kick in!



Can you check now please? I just went into the Receipt Hub and deleted it, went back to the dashboard and it’s gone. Perhaps your browser is caching the page? What browser are you using to access Quick File?


Oh I spoke too soon it came back :frowning:

How did you bring it into QF in the first place? Dropbox, email?

I believe it was using the DropBox integration. It keeps coming back!

Can you check if the file is still in your Dropbox folder, if it is please can you remove it.

I’ve just had a look and it isn’t there. I will try and search for it on my computer and let you know!

Thanks for your help

The file is definitely still in your Dropbox folder as after deleting everytime we poll the folder it’s reappearing. If you physically delete it from your Apps/Quick File Receipts folder it shouldn’t keep reappearing.

Hi Glenn, Thanks for that information, I managed to find that file on my linked dropbox account and deleted the file, It disappered for a couple of hours and has reappeared again. Do you have any other ideas?

Thanks for your help with this too.

When you say it reappeared, do you mean in Dropbox? All Quick File does is read and transfer whatever is in that Dropbox folder. If you have something locally installed that is copying the file into Dropbox it will always appear in QF.

It reappeared on Quickfile, I’ve deleted it from my computer and from the recycle bin. It still pops up in Quickfile.

May I could add another file with the same name into the drop box file and maybe it will overwrite it?

I will refer this to an engineer but I would say that the only way it can keep coming up in QF is if it’s getting pulled from the Dropbox folder or a sub-directory in Apps/Quick File Receipts. That explains the gap between when you delete and when it reappears, we would poll your Dropbox account every 15 minutes (ish).

Our engineer confirms that the file is still on your Dropbox account. As long as it’s there it will keep reappearing. The file has a colon in the name which prevents us being able to delete over the API. In fact Windows does not support colons in file names. The inability to delete is a know problem with the Dropbox API…on one of your Dropbox accounts that file remains and our system can’t delete it.