Receipts not appearing in Quickfile once emailed

Hi, I’ve had this problem twice before recently, my receipts get caught in your spam filter, can you check again and resolve for me as they’re not appearing again

It’s worth you testing that your other emails are still able to get through to gmail - when this happened to me in the past it turned out that gmail was treating all messages from my email domain as spam, and I had to fill in a form with them (Google) to get them to lift the block.

Hi Ian, thanks for the tip, I have a separate gmail account (not the one I use for receipts at Quickfile) , I have sent an email from my normal email address to my gmail address and it came through, so i presume it is all okay from that point of view.


Hi @tcmarket

I will send you a private message shortly so we can take a look at this for you.

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