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  1. I have uploaded many receipts into the hub but cannot match/link receipts with the transaction shown from the bank statement data. Is there a process or search procedure I can follow to tie receipt and transaction?

  2. I have a regular monthly transaction whereby I have paid a DD amount, and the supplier has refunded the amount back. How do I link and categorise the two transactions in/out?

  3. I have a month worth of receipts that is scanned into one pdf file. Is this acceptable? And can it be linked to all the transactions of that month for future reference?

  4. I have a total of six bank accounts on show on my dashboard. How do I have all bank accounts activated via the bank? Currently, the software will not allow me to do this.

  1. Do you upload them from your laptop/computer? If so, it is maybe easier to go to each invoice, scroll down to

    and click ‘Browse’ to get the receipt direct from your device.

If you use a mobile device and the app, it is maybe best to create an invoice direct after uploading the receipt. Later you need only to tag the paid amount in your bank/cash account to that invoice.

  1. First, create an purchase invoice and tag as paid from your bank account. Go to that invoice and on that screen you can create a credit note. When you have done it tag it as paid/refunded. If you tag it from the credit note it may creates a duplicate entry in your bank account. Just delete the entry which was imported with your feed/upload and keep the entry which was created from the credit note

  2. Yes, it is best practise to add one receipt to one invoice. But you can keep this pdf file on your device as a reference just in case hmrc/taxman asked for receipts. You should maybe add a note on each invoice where to find the receipt, because after a few month it is hard to remember. You can keep that file on quickfile but you can not link it to all involved invoices.

  3. quickfile only allows one bank feed for each bank (for example: one feed for santander, one feed for paypal, one feed for Lloyds…). That means, if you have three, four accounts under one login with your bank you can have feeds for all three, four accounts as long as your bank supports this. If you have 6 accounts with one bank and different login details then you can have only one bank feed for one account. For all other accounts you can upload statements to quickfile.

Hope that helps

In QuickFile receipts are attached to purchases, not directly to transactions in the bank. You need to either create (unpaid) purchases through the receipt hub and then tag your bank transactions as “payment to a supplier” to pay the relevant purchases, or create the purchases by tagging the bank transactions and then attach the receipts to the existing purchases from the hub.

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