Receipts@ working?

Is the working ?
Asked a client to forward some emails with invoice attachments to his email address set up on his QF but nothing coming through. Did a test to my own with the same result.

UPDATE - Mine have come through so will go back to make sure he has correct spelling etc.

Hello @Bagpipe

I have just tested it and it seems to be working ok.

This section of the below article will tell you what to look for

I’ve emailed my receipts, but they’re not appearing

I think theres a spam filter or something as a few of mine have taken a while to come through in the past. They show up eventually though!

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Hi @daithespark

That’s correct - there is a spam filter which does catch some genuine emails. However we do regularly go in and manually clear this out, allowing genuine emails to filter through to accounts as they should.

If there are any emails you find are caught up and you need them, please don’t hesitate to drop us a message (@QFSupport) with details of the sender’s email address, and we can have a look for you.

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