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Recent problems with modals loading in Quickfile

Hi Guys. I’ve noticed recently - past cuple of months I believe - that sometimes I go to tag a bank transaction for example, the modal loading timer just keeps goingand nothing happens. On at least one occasion, I found the modal way down the screen only after scrolling down to see if anything was happening elsewhere with this.

I am having similar problems again today but my frustration is that I need to get my accounts done - the issue has put this off with me hoping that it is some maintenance issue from your end. FYI, I login and look to use Quickfile at all sorts of times when most might not expect.

Further today, I am having similar problems with the modal to set recurring journal.

The site tends to load ok and I don’t have too much issue there, but it is when just about any modal looks to open that I get the problem.

Please advise why I am getting this and perhaps how to fix it if it is an issue from my end.

Thanks in advance for your swift response.

First thing to do is try it with all your browser plugins disabled, start your browser in safe mode to do this. Or just try using a different browser.

I don’t seem to get this issue in Chrome. Firefox is what I use mostly though. But it might also be a problem from developer end so perhaps it needs testing with latest FF version - this only starte recentlly for me.

Thanks for the input @Lurch, Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to be checking plugins and settings, so I guess I will just use it in Chrome.

While I am on this topic, I suggest to support/dev to also add “Copy this Journal” button/function on this screen alongside Delete and Save. This would enhance the UX here I’m sure and I can’t see any downside to doing so.

Thanks again.

I use Quickfile in the latest version of Firefox with no issues so as you don’t have the time to fix it I guess we can call this solved!

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Sure. Thanks. Looks like I have to add more than I need to say to be able to say “Sure. Thanks.”

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