Reciept hub - adding multiple lines?

When emailing reciepts in and have various types of purchases on it like materials imported and also things like tools - is there a way of splitting it like if you were manually inputting a purchase?

Manually you can seperate different types but didnt see an option on sending receipts in

Hi @adrian_sadler1

There isn’t a way to add multiple lines for a purchase via the receipt hub I’m afraid.

As soon as you save the document however, it should give you a link to the saved invoice so you can easily amend it afterwards.

Amazing fast reply lol

Do you think it may be added in future? Tho it may be easier to ask the wholesalers for seperate invoices really. More work for them - less for me

It’s not something we have planned, and not something we’re likely to do I’m afraid.

My colleague, @Glenn, explains the reasoning and some workarounds a bit better here:

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