Reconcile Balance Sheet Exporting Data

Hi I’m trying to complete the year end, working on the balance sheet I have Assets (1203) £372.99 and in Current Liabilities (1100) £860.00, I know all suppliers have been totally paid up to date so feel this may be my error when entering invoices, in the Assets I do have some outstanding client invoices but these do not add up to £372.99. What I wanted to do is enter an advanced search for the year on both ledgers and export the entire years data onto an excel sheet, when I click on page 1 it only exports that pages details and as there are several pages is there a way of exporting the entire file to see if I can see the error ?
What I did try which I know is wrong is up date the outstanding invoices issue dates to 01/01/15 to see if they would just simply change the balance in (1203) but this went up !
Any help would be appreciated please.

You shouldn’t really need to export to Excel to figure out what’s going on.

1100 is the debtor control account, reflecting client debts not supplier liabilities. If this account is showing in the liabilities section it means you are holding client credits on account.

Also bear in mind you’re querying the balance sheet at a point in time, it’s not reflecting the current position of the business. If you had invoices outstanding or payable at this time it will show up on the balance sheet accordingly.

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