Reconciling Bank transfers with different currencies

When reconciling bank transfers where the currency in and out are different, the system asks how much money was sent in the second currency. I have been copying-and-pasting this from the other account - and it took me a while to work out what was wrong. The system ignores anything beyond the comma. So:

1,234.56 is read as 1.00, but only when you hit save.

Just thought this would be useful! Perhaps there could be a way to do a look-up for the correlated transaction before it’s committed, since multi-currency transactions can’t be undone?

While we’re at it, I’m also struggling as the transfer process takes a few days- which means the reconcilliation tool doesn’t recognise the two transactions as being the same. I’m ending up with all the payments being logged twice. Is there any way to solve that?

Regarding your first point, the system doesn’t allow me to input commas, how are you able to enter commas in your amount?

For this you’d need to transfer the funds into another holding account, then transfer it 3 days later out of there into it’s final destination. You won’t be able to tie those together otherwise. The accounting system works on strict debits and credits, i.e. double-entry. You can’t have anything in limbo, having a holding account is the correct way to explain this.

Thanks Glenn. I pasted the value from one account list into the box- that may be the error. If it doesn’t accept a comma but it can accept it if it is ctrl+V into the box.

Thanks for your help with the double bookkeeping.

OK yes, CTRL + V may cause an issue. Unfortunately this a common function used in various places around the site, probably not something we will be able to address at the moment, so for now try to just manually enter it.