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Reconciling Credit Card over two systems


I have received my credit card for the month and have tagged all the transactions from the 1st April (our financial year start) against the credit card. However there are three transactions which show on the statement which were made at the back end of the old financial year and therefore were inputted on the old accounting system as such. They are all for nominal code 7300 in this instance but would like to know how I can attribute these costs to the credit card so that I can complete the reconciliation when the full amount is paid in a few days time on our current account.


Hi @Andy459,

I would double check with an accountant to make sure that you are accounting for everything you need to be.

But to be able to balance the Credit Card you may need to enter an invoice for the ‘missing’ transactions.I know you said it was on the old system - I’m assuming they are still showing as outstanding on there?