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Reconciling (tag) old payment to supplier

I have opening banking turned on (barclays) and it works great :slight_smile:. I have payments made for old Outstanding Purchases - older than 6 months.
When I select “Tag Me!” in the Bank statement view I select “Payment to a supplier”, the search range has a maximum of 6 months, so the purchase I want to reconcile it against is not available.
Is there a way to match these recent banking statement entries against older purchases ?

Hi @Frank_C

Do you know the supplier that it relates to? If so, you can use the “Pay down multiple invoices or hold on account” option:
Then enter the name of the supplier, and all outstanding invoices for them will be displayed. Just tick and save :slight_smile:

Let me know if that helps?

Thanks @QFMathew, that was exactly what I needed :slight_smile:

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