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i recently had my accounts independently inspected and the accountant said there were some duplicate transactions and some on the bank statement where the invoices did not appear in QF I found the duplicates, but one of the transactions seems now to appear to be paid in the banking and not in the purchases, when i tried tagging there as well it said no outstanding amount. can i delete this transaction then?

with the statement v invoice - I cant see that the invoices are missing from QF.
each of the suppliers where the invoices are meant to be missing are on QF so are automatically imported so i am not sure what needs doing here. if you can explain or help i would be very grateful!!


Basically you can book expense via Invoice or direct from bank payment, what ever approach you take keep it consistent. If invoice is booked then payment can be logged against it to show in bank OR you can directly book expense from bank payment which would eliminate need of creating invoice. Mixing two things creates duplication and leave balances outstanding in either creditors or un-reconciled bank

Thanks, as the therspists mostly use QF an invoice automatically gets raised. In the past i have tended to book direct debit items directly from the bank info and invoices received create invoices.