So none of our account balances match the actual balance in our bank account, I think this is due to it not being kept up to date previously and things being allocated to the incorrect account.

I can’t now amend things as they are locked to previous VAT returns, I’m wondering if there is a way I can resent the balances to what the actual bank accounts show then start from there.


If you add the account balances up do they sum to the correct total? If so you know that all your sales and purchases are correctly recorded and it’s just the payments that have gone to the wrong accounts, so you can correct them all in one go with a single journal to move the appropriate amounts round (bearing in mind that in journals debit and credit are “backwards” from the bank statement view - credit means money out and debit means money in).

If things don’t balance you’d also have to assign the difference to an appropriate place - you can’t just change a bank balance without a matching entry saying where the money came from or went. And if the sum shows you’ve had more income than you thought then you’ll probably need to account for VAT on the extra somehow, but that’s the point at which I’d want a real accountant to advise (I’m not one!)

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