Reconnected bank feed, missing transactions


Bank feed became disconnected for some reason so I deleted and reconnected again.

But now it seems there are transactions missing for the days when the feed was disconnected (about 2 weeks).

What is the best way to solve this issue?



Hello @Namin_Cho

The Starling feed works slightly differently to the other bank feeds.

Whereas the other feeds run overnight, Starling is live. They notify us when a transaction takes place, and providing it’s settled (no longer pending), we’ll import it. As such, there’s no option to back date it.

That said, we can certainly try from our end for you. What dates would you like me to import?.

Hi Steve,

I’m missing transactions from 05/03/2022 to 17/08/2022.

Please could you import those?



Hello Namin

I have run the feed from 05/03/2022 to date for you and imported the transactions.

Please check the account for any duplications which you may have entered manually.

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