Record investment from director

Very basic question which i am struggling with.

Example, I have made a investment of £1000 to the company to cover some initial costs before my first invoice is paid.

How do I record this?

Is this £1000 deposited into the directors loan account? Should this not be showing as a liability until the company has paid me back?


Hi @User76879

Would I be right to assume you deposited the money into the business bank account from your own?

If this is the case, your current account on QuickFile should have the £1000 as “Money In”. Just tag this transaction as a transfer from the Directors Loan Account (DLA), and that’s it!

This leaves the DLA as “£1000 overdrawn”, which shows the business owes you the money, and leaves the current account with a balance of £1000.

Hope that helps!

thanks Matthew for the response.

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