Recording bank Interest received

hi all
our quickfile set-up is not linked to our bank account, our directors do not yet feel to confident about it all.(different issue!)
what i want to know is that when i reconcile, how do i enter the interest credit from the bank into quickfile? it’s not a sale or an invoice… help welcome
thanks, Resi

First enter the transaction on the bank or import your bank statement.

Manually Entering Transaction on Bank:

  1. Select the relevant bank account and then click 'Input New Transaction’.

  2. Enter the date the interest was received, the reference i.e. ‘Bank Interest Received’, enter the type as ‘Money In’ and the ‘Amount’ of interest received.


Once the transaction is on the bank, whether entered manually, imported or using bank feeds, follow these steps:

  1. Now click the ‘Tag Me!’ button to tag item and select ‘Something else not on this list’, enter 'Miscellaneous Income’ as the ‘Post to Account and ‘Bank Interest Received’ as the 'Description’, finally click to save.

  2. Quick File will now process the relevant entries.


Thank you for your help!

Pleased we could help.