Recording initial share capital as an opening balance

I recorded my initial share capital as per the following guide in the knowledge base:

On the dashboard view the directors loan account is showing a balance of £100, which is correct. However, when I click to view the transactions, I see the following message:

  • No Transactions Found -

It should be showing my initial share capital transaction so I can tag it to my bank account.

You entered it as an opening balance rather than a journal. Opening balances will affect the account balance but will not actually be visible in the statement view. Check again now, I’ve converted it to a regular journal.

Thank you Glenn.

As that transaction is now tagged in the DLA, how do I link it to my bank feed, as that shows a transaction for £100 paid in.

Also the original £100 transaction disappeared earlier today so I had to re-add it manually. If a bank transaction is deleted, is there anyway to recover it again?

On the guide you referred to before:

If the share capital is paid up, you can tag the payment on your current account as a bank transfer to the Directors’ Loan Account which will then balance off the initial journal.

Thanks again Glenn.

Regarding the bank transactions. If a transaction is deleted manually, will it ever be re-imported from the automatic feed again? (I’m with Barclays) or will I need to manually add it?

No problem!

It won’t automatically import again if the feed has already run for that period. But if you delete a transaction for a day on which the feed has not yet reached then yes it will reappear in the feed. If you end up with such duplicates, alway deletes the untagged one, i.e. the one that came in on the feed.

Thank you for the clarification Glenn and for your support. It is much appreciated.

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