Recording payments that don't result from an invoice being raised?

Hi I’m just trying to work out if QuickFile will suit my needs. I have two types of business really.
The first type is that I do work, submit an invoice and get paid - usually larger amounts.
The other type is I hold an event and people come and take part, they mostly pay by cash or cheque, although soon we will do paypal as well.
So… I understand the QuickFile process for raising an invoice, and this may sound silly but how do I use QuickFile to organise the other types of monies I receive that aren’t the result of an invoice being generated? (prob really obvious I just need a pointer :wink: )

Treat it as an invoice anyway, to a client called something like “cash sales”. You may find the knowledge base article on “accounting for daily takings” useful to explain the principle.


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