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Hello there

I am trying to record a purchase of stationary, however it allow me to add the item I purchased from the drop down list and the description of the item and the total.

However that is all, it will not allow me to add the VAT rate etc , i cannot see how to add this, it also does not fill in the add up the balance, what am I doing wrong?

In the help it says I should be able to add the Sub Total, VAT Rate, it then should show VAT and Total

Hope someone can help

Are you vat registered?

Hi, I am a sole trader, not VAT reg.

So guess thats why?

Of course that is why. You need to enter the GROSS total. you don’t need to seperate vat.

Thank you, I am new to this so a little politeness would not go a miss, after all are we not all supposed to be professional adults…?

Which part of my reply was not polite? If you are talking about the capitals that was to highlight which part of the invoice you record.

For info, this forum supports markdown so there’s shortcuts for

  • _italic_ = italic
  • **bold** = bold

I think it’s the use of “Of course that is why”. Comes across as very rude. Just so you know.

Possibly, but i would expect to see a exclaimation mark after the sentence if i was trying to be rude.

Of course that is why


Of course that is why!

You can see which one would come across as offensive.

I always follow the rule when reading text, never to take anything as offensive unless its clearly obvious. After all, we cant hear the tone of voice when typing.

I mean, the reply to mine could have been taken by me as insultive, but it wasnt.

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Yes, I suppose so. Ah, the confusion of text only communication!

Maybe “Yes, that is why” comes across better. “Of course” implies that they should have known better than to ask.

Anyway, sorry to get off-topic! As long as we remember we’re all here to help each other :grin:

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