Recuring invoice with direct debit payment not automatically marking invoice as paid

I have 2 Recurring invoices with 1 separate client each, each setup with direct debit auto payment, 1 pays their last invoice automatically the other doesn’t,

By this I mean pays down the last invoice raised once the direct debit has reached my account,

The other adds the payment to accounts credit, where I have to mainly pay down the last invoice created for that client

Please save me time :smile:

In both cases providing ‘Auto Bill’ is checked on the recurring template, the Direct Debit payments should be lodged against the invoice. In the event log for the invoice you will see something like this;

Direct Debit status updated to PAID [GoCardless ID: ---------]. Payment will be automatically lodged when GoCardless transfer the funds.

With 24-48 hours from when this event appears the invoice will be automatically paid down, you shouldn’t need to do anything else.

I see, I think I’ve prematurely manual paid down the invoice,

What will happen in this situation?

Lastly, what happens when I manually take direct debit funds to pay an existing past invoice? I’ve noticed that in this case the invoice isn’t automatically paid down,


Yep, as normally following that message the funds will hit your current account within 1-2 days. When this happens the payment gets lodged against the invoice. If you prematurely lodge the payment manually I don’t believe anything will happen after that.

Yes in this case, when you just request a generic amount against the pre-authorisation it will just drop the funds on the client account, you can then allocate to whichever invoice you like.

Ideally, I’d like that to be automated, is that possible? thanks Glenn

We’ll probably look into this when we commence with the next round of GoCardless development. Specifically we’ll be looking at adding a way to just collect payment on a given invoice using a pre-auth, without involving the client.