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Recurring card payments using stripe and quickfile


Can someone help me to understand. If a customer wishes to authorise their card to be charged every month for subscriptions - can this be setup in QF, and can someone explain to me how I would do this?

Secondly, if I have customers who currently do this but have authorised their cards previously through wave invoices software, how could I migrate those existing subscriptions so they can continue uninterrupted?

Looking forward to some help on this…

Can I ask, what was wrong with the replies you received when you asked the same questions the last time?


The last time I posed this question I had a response from Mathew asking a question to which I responded, but didnt seem to get a response back and then a suggestion came from another community member - which although does address the issue from one angle does not directly answer my question…so currently I have not had the question answered, hence why I have posed it to the group again…

I am both curious to both see if there is a way of moving across existing regular card payers and if quickfile has the capability to the same as wave and if so - how?

Many Thanks


There isn’t a way built-in to QuickFile to automatically charge a card via Stripe, unfortunately.

As @rhc mentioned in the other thread, we do support automatic charging through GoCardless, which is direct debit rather than card, but this is the only supported method at this time. However, you’re welcome to start a #feature request for this if you like?

You could do it through Stripe itself. Providing the customers are set up (which I presume they are), they would have the card attached to them. You can create a subscription there and it will automatically charge them based on this. Appreciate this doesn’t quite line up with the recurring invoices in QuickFile, but we do also offer a Stripe feed, so these transactions will be pulled in automatically allowing you to match them up easily.

I hope that helps!

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Thank you @QFMathew so if I can setup a subscription payment in Stripe to charge a clients card each month - then I can set the recurring invoices in QF, this should result in QF picking up the payments each month when they show in Stripe integration/Statement?

Have I got that correct?

Hi @DBL,

If you have the stripe feed set up then the transactions will import automatically they won’t necessarily match up with the recurring invoices, you would have to tag the payment to the invoice

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