Recurring director cash into business

Recurring director payments will be coming into the business every month. We dont want to reflect these as invoices for obvious reasons as they are not (and how we have it all setup at present). How can we do this?

Simply tag the deposit into the Business Account as a transfer from the Director’s Loan Account, you can also set up an auto bank tagging rule to automate the process.

it was more a prompt for us to be honest (like the recurring invoice notifications that go out) as sadly its not set in such a way that we can do this by SO from our bank account.

I have set this all up as recurring invoices etc now which doesn’t make sense but will have a play this afternoon and see how we get on with it all.

We support recurring journals now…seems like it would be a good fit for this scenario.

Recurring Journals Guide

Cheers Glenn… Will take a look and revert