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Recurring Invoice Creation - Time of Day

Hi, I use a number of recurring invoices, some of which I need to manually approve before they are sent out. They are programmed to be created on the 1st of each month. What time of day are the invoices created? I am trying to edit them at about 11.00am and they are not yet created so I cannot manually alter before they are sent out (except within the recurring template itself). I would have though they would be created in the wee small hours before us mortals are awake…


As you can imagine there are alot of recurring invoices that go out on 1st of each month so there is a large list that is worked through.

They will be created but it can take up to the middle of the afternoon for all of the invoices to be processed

Ok - thanks. It sounds as though I can get up a bit later than normal on the 1st of the month!

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