Recurring invoice - Dynamic Variables

how can i do a recurring invoice with the description with the weekly dates in it? every week the dates should change to that previous week. the invoice is sent every monday
for example:

invoice 42

standby 2nd-8th february 2015

invoice 43

standby 10th-16th february 2015

I think this would do the job.

thanks, so do i have to input the date or it will do it automatically?

Sorry, I thought you had already got the recurring invoice part sorted.

Take a look at

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no problem i appreciate your help, i have set it up but in preview the description is in yellow (the formula you gave me) but it doesn’t specify the dates, so just wondered if it will automatically insert them

Yes. In preview mode, it would show as highlighted yellow. All this means is the system has picked up the tag.

When the invoice itself is created, it would be substituted with the correct values.

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Great Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Also check out this testing tool:

You can tryout all the dynamic variable combinations here without having to create actual recurring invoices.

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