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Recurring invoice in foreign currency with a fixed exchange rate



I am trying to set up a recurring invoice in Euro. Whereas when raising a normal invoice there is a Rate of Exchange field which the user can define and fix, I cannot seem to see it for the Recurring Invoice. Is this something that I can work around please? I have an agreed rate of exchange with my customer.



Hi @Franco

This isn’t supported at the moment,but you’ve posted in the right category (#feature). We’ll leave this thread open for other users to add their vote and comments


Thank you. I suppose if there was a need for it in the single invoice setup, there should be a case for recurring invoices too.


A recurring invoice would pick up the exchange rate on the day it’s generated. I’m aware there are certain HMRC rules around exchange rates, so it may be best to check this with your accountant or HMRC directly to ensure this is the correct way to do it (I’m not an accountant).

We’re happy to consider this as a new feature however, but I would need to look into this further to say whether or not it’s possible. If there’s enough interest in adding this feature, we can certainly take a look.