Recurring invoice send immediately upon creation

I’m integrating quickfile with my system that sells intangible goods, the main method of payment for these goods will be an ongoing subscription, so “recurring” invoices in quickfile are ideal for this.

I use the following XML to create a subscription that will be due once a month and should be active immediately.

<Invoice_Create xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">

However, the client does not have the invoice created in their payment area, it seems like it will be sent at some point today but definitely not “immediately”. Having the invoice available straight away is quite important to me as it’ll improve conversion rate. Is there a method I’m missing that enables the invoice to be seen by the client straight away?

Thank you for any pointers in advance.

The system will send any recurring invoices on the day (typically within 15 minutes) providing it has been created between the hours of 8am and 8pm. This is to prevent recurring invoices from being dispatched during unsociable hours. Any invoice raise after 8pm will be dispatched at 8am the following morning.

I think I will run into the same problem as the OP at some point as I will be selling intangible goods via the API and will need the invoices to be sent out immediately. If I buy something online at 9pm I would expect to be invoiced instantly, not 11 hours later!

Is this something that can be added as an option somewhere, default is as it is now but ticking a box in settings can disable this feature so invoices are sent out as soon as they are created?

We’ll be adding an exception to this rule to allow the initial invoice to be sent immediately upon creation.

I’m going to convert this to a “planned” feature for now. It should be ready in 1-2 weeks.

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I’m glad you propose to add it as it’s quite important that invoices get sent immediately.

Not sure on the logic of unsociable hours in sending an email. Is there something I’m missing?

The decision was based on feedback from other users and was there to prevent invoices getting sent at the turn of midnight. However this is less relevant in the case of the initial invoice as users can choose them self what time of the day to send.

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We’ve just updated the application. Any recurring invoice profiles that are created whereby the start date matches the date of creation, the initial invoice will be dispatched within 15 minutes (this is our poling cycle).

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