Recurring invoice updated but bank entries unchanged

I had a recurring invoice which was updated on 01/03 2021. To pay the invoice I create a dummy bank account for the client and journal the payment (this is a sales commission payment with the monthly invoice fees deducted).

When viewing the invoices and making the ‘payment in full’ the correct entries are shown, however when viewing the transactions in the Dummy account, the updated invoice amount has not updated and therefore this acocunt doesn’t balance.

I can’t find where or how to update this issue. See below screen shots of invoices and payments, versus Dummy account transaction view.

I could well be missing something but your bank statement shows green payments of £261 and the out payments of £207 since 1st March. the 261 is matched up to the invoices but the money out is less so its leaving money in the account thats just build up over time

Thank you for the reply - yes I agree. I assumed that incresing the invoice would automatically increase the money out - so I’ve obviously missed that step somewhere - any idea how to correct it?

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Good morning @maclfs!

The invoice is a sales invoice, so that’s just the money in element of it.

How is the money out tagged at the moment? Is it automatically tagged?

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