Recurring Invoices - end date


It would be very useful to see when our recurring invoices will stop. Maybe do it as a report, email reminders or just a summary under the recurring invoices tab.

Many thanks

Thank you for your feedback, I will leave this open as a feature request for others to comment and add their vote

I’d have thought the linked Google calendar would be the best tool to use for this?

IIRC when we were testing we had an email advice that a recurring invoice had expired but this was sent to advise us when the first one that would have been due after the expiry wasn’t sent.

It would be nice to either:

  1. Have the expiry date as an optional column in the list of recurring invoices
  2. Make the reminder email configurable to send with either with the last invoice or when the next one is due

If we used Gmail then the Google Calendar option would look useful but I would rather avoid adding yet another account to the stack that we already have.

Why not? You don’t have to do anything with the account directly, you can just use it via Quickfile. I also have it linked to Thunderbird/Lightning so I get notifications of everything without having to log in to Quickfile.

i use the short ref box to put in the end date when creating a recurring profile. It has been very helpful doing it.
See screen shot below

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Great idea! Thanks Sameera.

If we can easily get the end date for a recurring invoice schedule we can just include it in the schedule column. It shouldn’t be hard to add this.

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We are now showing the expiry date of any recurring profile in the schedule column, hope that helps!

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Any chance of a ‘add end date to Google calendar’ button as well?

At the moment it’s very hard keeping in sync with Google Calendar, it involves quite a lot of calls to their API. I don’t think we’ll be extending our Google Calendar integration at the moment, there are potentially too many possible scenarios to consider.

In general I think Zapier is the best way to go here, we should have Zapier available for beta testing next week.

Fair enough. I’ll be using Zapier with QF (amongst others) anyway so shouldn’t really be an issue. Probably better via Zapier anyway as it saves having several calendars for different apps.

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