Recurring invoices not gone out

I have set up a number of recurring invoices yesterday to be sent out today, it is 4pm and non of them have gone out yet?

I had a recurring email set up and it went out fine yesterday.

1st of the month is far and away the busiest day for recurring invoices - they get generated in batches through the day and it can take a while to get through the backlog on this date specifically.

4pm is a hell of a long time though, plus I’m using my own SMTP!?!?

Hi @Capriman

Sorry you experienced a possible delay with your recurring invoices, as @ian_roberts said, the first of the month is always busy so there can be delays experienced.

Can I just check that they did get sent out after?

Yes, about 10 mins after I posted this. Surely, if I am using my own SMTP that it shouldn’t matter? I would’ve thought only people using the Quickfile system to mail out would be affected by this?

I don’t think the SMTP server would be the issue here. The delay would be caused by QF having to work through how many recurring invoices would need to go out, then having to run an SMTP routine each time, causing the traffic. I can imagine that would be where the delay would be.

Hope this helps.

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@tomhorton is spot on. It takes a little while to work through all the recurring invoices. As much as we’d love to process them in one go, it wouldn’t be feasible unfortunately, so it’s staged and done in batches as the day goes on.

Ok, cheers.

Is there anything that you could implement in the future for people that use their own SMTP? Or possibly have a self hosted version of quickfile?

I think in order to do that QF would need to release the source code which only they could answer to, but I doubt very much would happen.

I haven’t had much of a chance to explore much of it yet (as much as I am keen to do so as I am a bit of a programmer in my spare time), but I am wondering whether webhooks or the QF API functionality could be useful here?

QuickFile is cloud based, so a self-hosted option isn’t available I’m afraid.

The delay isn’t the email, it’s just the volume of invoices being sent out that particular day, and typically it’s just the 1st of the month.

Quite possibly, but it would mean that you create the invoices outside of QuickFile. The recurring invoice processing wouldn’t be any different, and the webhook only triggered once the invoice has been created.

But as I mentioned above, the delay is typically just the 1st of the month. There is usually a small delay on a Monday, but this isn’t as bad. We’re continually monitoring resources to ensure all parts of our platform remain as stable as possible while giving the best performance, so this may change in the future, especially as our userbase grows.

I would say watch this space for now, or perhaps even sending the invoices on another day of the month apart from the 1st would speed things up in terms of the invoice being generated.

I did think it would be a long-shot but thought I would put it out there :grinning:

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