Recurring Invoices to Draft?

Hi folks (I’ve just switched from WAVE to QuickFile, so my thinking may be different!)

I’m just starting to dabble with Recurring Invoices which are nice. However I’d prefer the invoices to be placed in Draft rather than just being sent blind. I’m invoicing businesses based on the number of staff/users and so should really check the numbers are still correct before sending the invoice - this would be fine if the invoice was generated in draft so I could then update and send as required.

Any suggestions?

Chat soon.


If you untick both of the Send By Options:


This will create the invoice and mark it as ‘SENT’ but it won’t be sent to the client. It will however be available for them to see if they have a client log in.

This could be a way of delaying it so that you have chance to check it before it is actually emailed to your client? Unfortunately there isn’t a way to just save the recurring invoices as a draft each month

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Thanks Beth,

That’s far better than sending them an incorrect invoice. I just tried the slightly different option of CC’ing me and removing the primary contact - hoping I’d get the invoice that I could then check/correct and resend to the client - but that doesn’t work :frowning:

It just means I’ve got to set a reminder somewhere else to check for invoices that haven’t actually been sent? ( will have to look into “Feature Requests” :slight_smile: )

Chat soon.

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Hi @greenwood-IT

Are you using the recurring invoices just to send scheduled invoices, or more of one off invoices on a particular day?

Hi Matthew,

I’m invoicing clients for 12 months service based on the number of PC/users. A business may have been invoiced for 6 machines last January, and perhaps added two machines this month and paid 2 x 6 months as a one off charge. I need to check the recurring invoice before it goes out next year to ensure it hows 8 and not 6. I also invoice other customers based on usage, so again really need to change the quantity before the invoice is posted - creating the invoice as a DRAFT would be ideal as I send all draft invoices at the end of each month.

Chat soon.

If you send them all at the end of the month then just set a reminder somewhere to tell you to check the invoices at the end of the month? There is Google Calendar integration, so you can set reminders for the invoices that can pop up elsewhere, or do it the other way and set a reminder when you update the schedule mid contract, although at that point you might as well just adjust the schedule so that would mean there would be no need to check it at all.

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