Recurring purchase created with wrong date

I have a recurring purchase set up for my monthly rent, with start date 1st September 2015 and frequency “every month”, but so far (two recurrences) it has been creating new purchase records with their dates set one day early - the new purchase appears in my QuickFile account on the first day of each month but the purchase date is the last day of the previous month and I’ve had to change it manually to the correct date. Is this something you’ve seen before?

(In anticipation, I’ve PM’d Glenn with the account number)

Got it, thanks… will take a look for you and report back.

I think maybe this is due to very minor differences between the system clocks on the web and database servers. The scheduler starts running at midnight exactly.

I’m not 100% convinced this is the case, but when the purchase is created it will always set the receipt date as the date at the time of execution. As a precaution we’ve moved the scheduler forward to start at 2 am. We’ll also continue to look at other possible causes.

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