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Recurring Statement List

I don’t think this exists, but it would be really useful!

When I click on Sales/Recurring Invoices/ I get a list of all the recurring invoices I have set up
It would be good to have a similar option for automatic statements - I know they only send when there is a balance, but there is no way to identify who is getting a “reminder” statement each week without going into each customer record

Hi @Scooby_7

I’m pleased to say that this has recently been added :slight_smile:

You can find this by going to Reports >> Recurring Statements

Thanks that’s great! :grinning:

PS - not sure what you have done to your forum log-in but I had problems logging in - If everyone has to request a link each time they want to use it, the load on your servers will increase :thinking:

The forums are designed by Discourse and were recently updated to the latest version. One thing I have noticed is when you’re tabbing through from the username to the password field, it will hit the “request a link” before password. That’s something that’s caught me out a few times

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