Redirect on login

I tend to keep my QuickFile open in a background tab in my browser most of the time, so when I want to enter a sales invoice or purchase I just switch to that tab and click the relevant menu button. If my session has expired I get redirected to the login page, but after logging in it always takes me to the dashboard rather than to the page I was originally trying to get to.

Would it be possible to change this so that when you are redirected to the login page due to an expired session, the redirect-after-login is to the URL that triggered the login request rather than always to the dashboard?

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Iā€™m sure it did actually used to do this until about 2 weeks ago. I will log this as a bug for now, one of our developers will have a look tomorrow.

@ian_roberts I can confirm that this problem has now been fixed. Thanks for letting us know!

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Yes, all seems to be working as it should now, thanks.