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Hello All.

Any ideas on how I can create a report / get some figures for money owing the business from start of using quickfile to present day?



Do you mean clients owing the business, or a director/sole trader?

Hi, owing the business …


If you go to Reports > Debtor Aging Report

This will show you all the outstanding invoices to date.

Or, if you want a total, you can click on the figure on your dashboard:

Which will list all the invoices, their details and show you a total too:

Hope that helps!

thankyou, however I’m after say a total of what the company was owed when I first starting using quickfile (2013 ish) to today to see how much debt I’ve managed to claw back ? Its only a snapshot I require…

Maybe this would help?

If you go into All Reports:

Select the historical report:

Then you can enter the date you wish to query, and what you’re querying:

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You can also look at the debtor control balance on the balance sheet (nominal code 1100).

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