Reducing Directors Loan Account

I am new to quick file and struggling with how to reduce my Directors Loan Accounts for out of pocket expenses for the previous financial year. I have the following 3 DLA’s in Quick File:
Directors Loan Account -£3640
DLA Director 1 -£236
DLA Director 2 -£328
The total across the 3 accounts is -£4204
The directors agreed to split the total amount in two and were each paid £2102 via bank transfer, I can’t tag the two payments from the bank statement as it won’t let me allocate the amount across 2 different DLAs for each Director. How do I reduce the 3 DLAs by the appropriate amounts so they are cleared and can start a zero balance in the current financial year?
Many thanks

Go to each director loan account, make an entry for balance outstanding as interbank transfer to main account, that will nil DCA and over all effect will be 4204 on main bank account.

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Tag the £4204 to the DLA and then enter transfers for the other balances from Director 1 DLA and Director 2 DLA to the main DLA and everything should be zero.

Going forward probably easier to use DLA 1 and 2 and leave the main DLA alone.

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Thanks for your help this worked. Make sense not to use the general DLA .

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