Referal Discount

Good morning

I signed up for my first quickfile account a few days ago via a referal link and it was my understanding that 10% discount would be applied for any subscription that I took. I signed up to bank feeds and no discount was applied, so I assumed that these were exempt from the discount.

However, using a referal link from my new account to sign up for a second account, I have also paid the full price on that account for bank feeds.

I also need to create a third account with bank feeds now.

When looking to add the expert features to any of the accounts, it still wants to bill me the undiscounted amount, thus I assume there is some issue going on.

Hi @Normski

The discount is applied to the referred account for the Power User Subscription not the bank feed subscription unfortunately.

For the discount to be applied, the new account has to use the link or code for the referring account, and the referring account has to have an active Power User Subscription.

Hope this helps.

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