Refreshing multiple account feeds with Yodlee


We’ve got two HSBC Business accounts. I refreshed one (they need manual refreshes because of the 2nd authentication factor), then switched to the other to refresh that, but the yodlee page tells me to wait twenty minutes. Thus I’d like to ask

  1. Could you remove the wait, if it’s not the same account? Or, better
  2. is there a way to refresh both accounts with one action (ie so that I only have to send an auth code once)

(And I’m sure only the first of the two accounts was refreshed as there is a new entry in the other account when I log in to HSBC directly. This is not showing up in the bank feed yet.)

Many thanks!

Hello @yungchin

I’ll check this over with our team and come back to you shortly. I’ll send you a private message now to get some account details from you - please look for a green notification in the top right corner.

Great, thanks for picking this up so promptly!