Refreshinig Bank Feed

In the last few days I did try to refresh the Bank Feed and it’s giving me this message ‘‘Missing Information: We are sorry , it appears that the destination URL is not configured’’ I also want to know if the bank will automatically update without needing everytime to go through the process of refreshing Bank feed, thank you I’m with Barclays

Hi @Mihaela_Carp

I’ll send you a private message to investigate the issue regarding the URL.

How was the Barclays feed set up - did you set it up with a memorable word, or does it prompt you to use a Pinsentry code every time you refresh it?


It is asking me for pinsentry

The Yodlee Barclays feed can be automated, but not with the pinsentry as this changes each time it would try to refresh. If you remove the feed (More Options >> Feed Details >> Remove Feed), and then re-add it using another method, such as a memorable word set up, this would then be automated going forward.

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