Refund multiple invoices from bank account

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Is there a way to split one refund from bank account to more than one invoice from the same client? I had an amount going out from account to refund two invoices, but I cannot seem to match them unless splitting the refund amount.

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You can’t allocate single payments or refunds to multiple clients. As with payments you can either transfer to another account and split there or just split on the current account and allocate separately. I think the latter is a much simpler approach.

Hi Glenn,

Thanks for the prompt reply. The refund is for the same client, it is just for multiple invoices. Could you perhaps change the settings so that instead of only seeing the invoices equal or greater than the amount we would see all of them, please? In some cases it would make the audit trail more obvious if we could choose multiple invoices to refund (strictly for the same supplier/customer, just like for invoice payment).

Please do not take this as a complaint at all, I am only asking (as they say “If you don’t ask you don’t get” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).
Thanks again for the quick reply, I do not know how you manage to do it sometimes with so many queries!

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Sorry, I see you mentioned there “same client”, I jumped to a conclusion.

I think however the solution to split into two items on the bank would be the same. I will certainly pass your suggestions on to the dev team, there are sometimes limitations here based on the way the underlying systems work, but I will mentioned this.

I have “merged” the two invoices as one so for now it is as good as done, but your suggestion was just as good (but as it is PayPal I rather keep things as they are - you know what I’m talking about :cyclone: :fireworks: :no_entry: ).

Thanks again and keep up the good work!

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