Refund tagging in account

Hi i had a bunch of single payments to a supplier for goods. These were refunded to me in a bulk payment. However I cannot tag this refund to multiple payments to suppier. pls can you advise how I can go about doing this in my bank account?

Are these payments to do with single supplier and nominal code i.e purchases? if yes then you need to credit purchases

yes single supplier. how do i credit purchases?

click on relevant bank receipt for tag and then select option Refund from a supplier, pick supplier name

hi if i do this then it lets me choose supplier but it finds an old invoice and does not give me option to refund multiple invoices. there is no way for me to assign on account either.

If you cannot pin point individual invoice then you need to do journal entry
Dr Suspense a/c
Cr Purchases

  • Tag the refund as a bank transfer from ‘Petty Cash’ or create a holding bank account.

  • Now go to each purchase invoice individually and select ‘Credit Note’:

  • On the next screen, enter the date the refund was received and click ‘Save Credit’:

  • The ‘Credit Note Options’ pop up will appear, select the option ‘Refund Money’, ‘Petty Cash’ as the refund account and then click ‘Save’:

  • Repeat the above steps for all the purchase invoices that were bulk refunded.

  • The balance on the petty cash account or holding account (if created) will now be £0 and all the purchases have been refunded accordingly: