Refund to supplier account not to an invoice

I have an annoying problem to solve… A supplier makes life very difficult for me by often not billing direct amounts against submitted Purchase Orders, and I subsequently have to try to allocate various amounts on bank feeds to the PO’s which I think they relate to - It’s often a bit of a guessing game which transactions relate to which purchase order.

At the start of August, they over charged me for a few invoices. They refunded back £34.73 on to my company credit card (but didn’t inform me at the time). Unfortunately I didn’t pick this up from statement and enter it manually. Therefore, within Quickfile this amount has sat as a credit on the supplier account for a few months and was subsequently allocated and used to pay off part of a latter invoice despite the credit not actually being there.

I have now found that I do in fact owe them this amount (in addition to paying off some supplier credit). I can’t detag the original transaction from the latter invoice as it is part of a submitted VAT return. I also can’t seem to add the credited amount from August 1st back to the supplier account without allocating it to a specific invoice (which won’t be the correct one?!)


First of all you don’t need to worry so much about what payment gets allocated to what invoice, it doesn’t need to precisely match what the supplier has done and really you’re creating a lot of extra work for yourself if you try to do this.

Can I get this straight you have £34.73 sitting on your supplier account that your supplier needs to refund to you? I’m not fully understanding the situation here?

Hi Glenn, thanks for the response, it’s really appreciated.

Essentially, the supplier overcharged me for a bunch of invoices in July. They then refunded my credit card with £34.73 on August 1st. I didn’t pick up on this and so the amount sat as a credit on their supplier profile within Quicklfile.

Subsequently, I used this amount to payoff part of a later purchase order, but the actual funds weren’t actually there to be used unfortunately.

I can’t seem to detag this amount from the recent PO as the transaction is part of a submitted vat return.

Ideally I would like to create a manual transaction on my credit card for August 1st for the £34.73 and simply apply it to the supplier account, but can’t seem to do this without allocating it to a specific purchase order (the only ones available are incorrect).

Does that make sense please, or is it a bit confusing and not explained clearly enough?

Once again, thank you for your assistance and your help is much appreciated.


You can only tag from the bank as a refund to an existing purchase, to move these funds to the supplier account (without allocating to an invoice) you’d need to do the following.

  1. Go the supplier detail screen.
  2. Click to add a new credit.
  3. Complete as follows.

  1. This will create a second “tagged” entry on your bank for £34.73.
  2. Now delete the original “untagged” entry.

Once you’ve followed the above steps you will have the refund tagged to the supplier account.

Hope that helps!

Hi again Glenn. Thanks for the response.

I’ve done as instructed but I’m afraid all this has achieved is added another £34.73 transaction to my credit card rather than created a £34.73 refund on TO the credit card from the supplier (who over charged me initially).

From the looks of it, I haven’t explained the issue properly.

I want to add £34.73 to my credit card account but hold the funds on a supplier account rather than allocate them against a credit note from said supplier, as I was over charged in the first place.

I can’t select the original transition and choose “refund balance” as it’s from a previous VAT return and the transaction has been locked.

Does that make sense now? Thanks again for your help!!!

When I checked your bank account (for the credit card) there is already a credit for £34.73, you want to add a second one? I assumed you just wanted this entry tagged as a credit on account for the supplier?

No I don’t want to add a second transaction, but I did have create the first, listed refund transaction on the credit card account in order that it tracked my credit card statement.

Again, the amount £34.73 is a REFUND from the supplier, paid directly back on to the credit card. The steps that you’ve suggested previously only seem to create an outgoing transaction amount on the credit card, not a refunded amount?

As you can see from the credit card account within Quickfile, there is the manual transaction created on the 1st of August, however this transaction is not tagged to anything, nor allocated to any supplier account. Is it possible to apply this manual transaction to the VDC supplier account?

Perhaps this will work…

  1. Click on the log a purchase option from the dashboard.

  1. Enter a negative amount equaling the supplier refund. This will force a credit.

  1. When you save you will be presented with an option to nominate a bank account.

  1. This will then make an entry on the credit card bank account for £34.73.

  2. Now if you go back to the bank you will have 2 “money in” entries for £34.73.

  3. Delete the untagged entry.